SWon Software

Until now, I had a stand-in for a blog name following the ever-funny joke template: Bloggy McBlogface. Now I’m unveiling my new blog name: SWon Software, or Swon Soft for short. As in, Stuart Wheaton on Software. It’s pronounced like “swan”, hence the logo.

Logo Design

I did my own logo design using only PowerPoint and a swan image I found!


The swan is mostly just for the play on words with my initials, but also represents elegance in code, which is something all programmers should strive for. At the same time, it’s made out of simple block structures, showing that elegance can be achieved without unnecessary complications, and by utilizing fundamental building structures created by others.


The font I chose is called Rabid Science. I liked the grungy look of the font because it looks cool and coding is rarely a neat, carefully-serif’ed design. Additionally I loved the name because that’s often what programming feels like for me; it’s science but it’s not mixing-chemicals, null-hypothesis science. It’s frantic, scary, awesome - rabid science.